Welcome to the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance (PDGLA). We believe that green lanes should be for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and carriage drivers.

At present offroad 4x4s and motor bikes can legally use many green lanes, even if the surface is peat or turf and easily rutted and damaged.

Ancient byways are being destroyed by offroading throughout the Peak District, including inside the Peak District National Park.

The Peak Park and the highway authorities have the power to stop the destruction. They need support, encouragement and, where necessary, pressure from the public to help them do so.

Latest News

Motor vehicles banned from Leys Lane

The Peak Park decided on 7 November to use a Traffic Regulation Order to permanently exclude all motor vehicles from Leys Lane in Great Longstone. It was the campaign to save this lane from off-roading which paved the way for Read More…

House of Lords

There was be a debate in the House of Lords on motor vehicle use of green lanes on 28 October. The debate was on an amendment to the Deregulation Bill which if accepted will require the Secretary of State for Read More…

Wales has problems too

There are problems with motor vehicle use of green lanes in Wales as well as in England. The area around Llangollen is badly affected and a group there has been campaigning against off-roading for some time. Problems include destroyed surfaces, Read More…

Please sign green lanes petition

An online petition has been launched by a supporter calling on government to change the law so as to stop motor vehicles using green lanes. Please sign it and please forward it to friends and contacts.

Long Causeway finally closed to motor vehicles

The long awaited Peak Park Traffic Regulation Order excluding all types of motor vehicle from Long Causeway is now in place. It came in on 18 September. The causeway has also been fully repaired and is once again a wonderful Read More…