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Offroading | PDGLA – The Peak District Green Lanes Alliance


Offroading is the practice of driving or riding specially-designed motor vehicles, usually 4x4s and motorbikes, but sometimes quad bikes – along green lanes. It is done for fun and the more difficult and damaged the terrain, the more most offroaders enjoy it.

To see video clips of offroading in practice and the damage it does, try Googling “Youtube the Roych”, “Youtube Chapel Gate”,”Youtube Bamford Clough”, “Youtube Stanage Edge” or “Youtube Pindale”.

Some offroaders object to the term because many green lanes are legally open to motor vehicles.

Offroading is legal only on Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs). Wherever it takes place, illegally or legally, it does damage.

It destroys the fragile surfaces of lanes.

It disturbs wildlife.

It creates noise and nuisance which is upsetting to residents and visitors alike.

It disturbs the peace and tranquility essential to the character of the National Park and the wider countryside.

It puts other users at risk.

It makes deep ruts which make it hard to walk and cycle and impossible to ride horses safely.

It makes life difficult for farmers who need the green lanes to get to their pastures.

It damages SSSIs and archeological sites.

In short, offroading is destroying precious parts of our heritage, even in the most remote and sensitive parts of the National Park.