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Outrage at Bamford Clough tarmac | PDGLA – The Peak District Green Lanes Alliance

Outrage at Bamford Clough tarmac

Bamford Clough was closed for many years due to off-roader damage which exposed a live electricity cable. DCC’s solution? Tarmac. Horse riders are outraged as the route is a 1:4 hill and tarmac on such a steep slope is very dangerous for horses, especially when covered in wet fallen leaves. DCC’s response? Putting up a sign saying riders should dismount. This will make no difference as a horse being led can just as easily fall and injure itself and its rider as a ridden horse. The route is a narrow Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) where there is nowhere to get out of the way of vehicles. The legal definition of a BOAT is that though legal for by motor vehicles, the ‘majority user’ is ‘persons on foot or horseback’.