Long Causeway update

It looks as if the Peak Park will soon be able to implement the decision it made in September last year to use a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to stop all types of motor vehicles from using Long Causeway. The delay has been caused because there is currently a temporary Derbyshire CC TRO on the Causeway pending planned repairs and the law says a lane can have only one TRO on it at a time. DCC has now said it will complete the repairs and lift its own TRO in time for the Peak Park to bring its own Order in by the end of September. If the Peak Park doesn’t hit the September deadline highway law says it will have to start the process all over again.

In the light of the PDNP TRO, Derbyshire is no longer planning to repair the revetment so that it can safely take the weight of 4x4s.

Carriage drivers will remain legal users of the Causeway. It remains to be seen whether the DCC repairs will be good enough for them to be able to use it.

Bradley Lane victory

Bradley Lane, Pilsley has been saved. It is now a bridleway. This was the finding of a second public inquiry into the BOAT claim on the lane. The second inquiry confirmed the bridleway decision first made over a year ago by a previous inquiry. This brings to an end the battle to save the lane which has been going in Pilsley for over 20 years. PDGLA fought the case on behalf of the

BBC Monday 3 February

The BBC East Midlands Inside Out programme is showing a short feature on off-roading in the Peak Park on Monday 3 March, 7.30. If you don’t get BBC East Midlands you can catch it on the Iplayer.

Vehicle ban on Roych and Chapel Gate

The Peak District has at last got its first Traffic Regulation Orders. PDNPA decided on 24 January to permanently exclude all types of motor vehicle from the Roych and Chapel Gate, two of the most important and most damaged green lanes in the Derbyshire Dales. PDGLA thanks everyone who took part in the consultations. This was the second time PDNPA has made the same decision on the Roych. They wanted to review recent repairs to see if the repairs had made any difference to the need for a TRO. They decided they did not as the grounds for the TRO are the preservation of natural beauty and the amenity of non-vehicle users and have nothing to do with the state of the surface.

Leys (Chertpit) Lane

The Peak Park consultation on its planned TRO for Leys Lane has closed. PDNPA is now analyzing the responses.

Long Causeway TRO delayed

The Peak Park agreed a permanent vehicle ban on Long Causeway in September 2013. But there is a delay in it being implemented because the Peak Park can’t bring in its TRO on the Causeway while an existing DCC ban on 4x4s is in place. The law says that only one TRO can be in place at any one time (one of the may daft aspects of highway law). DCC can’t lift its own TRO until it has made the revetment which holds up the Causeway safe. Repairs are scheduled for this year.

Chapel Gate TRO – consultation now closed

The public consultation on the Peak Park’s plans for a Traffic Regulation Order on Chapel Gate is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who took part. We will let you know when the Peak Park is due to make a final decision on this route.

Fed up with ruts? Damage? Here’s what to do

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Please report illegal offroading by dialling 101

Offroading is illegal on bridleways, footpaths and restricted byways. Dangerous driving is illegal everywhere including on byways open to all traffic and unsurfaced lanes. If you see illegal or dangerous offroading please report it to the police. Always ask for a police incident number. Without one there is no record of your complaint. If you can, make a note of vehicle registration numbers. There is more information about reporting illegal offroading inHow to complain

Peak Park adds to priority list of lanes needing action

PDNPA has added to its list of lanes needing protection routes in the National Park which are in counties other than Derbyshire. The number of lanes on the list is now 36. The following have been added: Continue reading